Can't define options for "status" type relations

Relations with their type set as Status all give me this thing saying that there are no options available, like in this screenshot here:


I’ve looked and googled and I can’t for the life of me find anything on how to work with that. How do I define these options?

Thank you all in advance for your help. This is a great community!

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I’m having the exact same problem.

For every new relation I create with the type of “Status”, I am unable to create options.
But I do have a relation of type “Status” that I created a while ago that has options, but I am unable to delete or add new ones.

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@Ragnen @Ragnen hey, guys!
We broke status in the latest release :frowning_face:
We are really sorry for that, and hurrying to ship new release with fix tomorrow!


Thanks for letting me know what’s up! And no worries here, I know you guys are working hard.

When the update is available, will there be a notification within the app itself? Or should I keep an eye out for an email or anything?

Keep up the great work y’all =)

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Yes, you will receive notification in-app :slight_smile:

Anytype 0.25.4 is now available and should resolve this issue :slight_smile: