Can't Create Objects + Syncing Issues


In my first post, I mentioned that my desktop app kept crashing. After a few days of reinstalling, it’s back to working again, but I have a new problem…

Describe the bug
I can’t create new objects anywhere. This happens in all my Anytype accounts (mobile + two desktop accounts). Any way to create a new object won’t work — the plus icon, the slash command, typing in a blank field and selecting create new object, going in the library, use as template… At first I thought the app was freezing, but I realized I can still select and add new tags, write descriptions, add relations. It’s just adding objects that don’t work.

And because I couldn’t use the desktop app before, I have a few objects that I created using the mobile app. I noticed that not all of those sync on desktop. For example, I have two books in a set in mobile, and only one of those books made it to the desktop app. And the books/entries that I have on desktop don’t show up in mobile, so it looks like two different sets on each device.

Some objects also sync, but show up as different object types on different devices, and some are just stuck in a circle loading mode even though the page says Synced.

To Reproduce
Click or tap anything that would add a new object, like the + icon in home.

Expected behavior
No response after clicking the + icon.
In fields, selecting the +new object would make what I have written disappear.

System Information:
Windows 10 – 0.26.1
Android 12 – 0.8.2

Additional context
I already reinstalled on desktop.
On android, I was using an earlier version, but updating to 0.8.2 did not fix the issue.

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Hi @Kerstie! is this issue still relevant for you?

We would need your Anytype ID, Help → Anytype ID in the app menu, in order to check the logs

@mordan The syncing issues, yes. Now, anything I create disappears after a reinstall.

@Razor My Anytype ID:
I also sent some log files to dev and support via email.

This is just an id, thanks, next step is to send tree diagnostics, File → Tree diagnostics in menu, zip it and send me to telegram Razor in community group

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File sent. Thank you!

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