Cannot rename a note

I feel like I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out how to rename a note.

The note automatically names itself as the first text of the note. And there isn’t an option to rename it? See further threads and photos for more clarification.

Macbook Pro 16inch OS 12.4
Anytype version: 0.29.1

(This example is a note located within Note Set)

Can you edit the text of the title as shown? Either by just selecting the text and type in the bottom example you shared, or by hovering the mouse over the title in the top example you shared, after which a pen icon should appear.

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I cannot edit the text displayed in the note set (The top image). There is no pen icon when hovering, and when I click it simply opens the note.

Once in the note, I can rename the title, which changes the first part of the name of the note. However, it still continues to name the note the entirety of the note, using an ellipses to cut off the text it can’t display. And even so, a title I use at the top of the note (or a heading) might now be what I want the note name to be.

You might have found a bug!

Could you try to add an empty block below the title so there is an empty block between the first block (which should be used as title for the note) and the rest of the content (toggles)

Unless you mean something else, it already had an empty block beforehand. I made a bunch of them.

Strange! Thanks for testing, I’m turning your post into a bug report :slight_smile:
Could you provide the info in your original post if you can still edit it, or otherwise in a new post?


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Notes do not have a title, so the title cannot be edited in sets. What you see as title is a system relation called snippet that is automatically generated from text. This is working as intended.

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Definitely seems like that’s an oversight. How can notes not have a title? Shouldn’t anything be able to have a name?

The snippet isn’t useful to figure out what the actual note is about. (and it’s super unclean and unorganized)

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Make it a feature request, in the meantime you can create your own note template, although I dont think it’d be much different from a Page.

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