Cannot move pages and blocks into other pages on the homescreen

Describe the bug

When I want to move a page or a block into a page that’s on my homescreen, i’m stuck on the loading screen after pressing home on the desktop.

To Reproduce

    1. Click a block or a page and select “Move to”
    1. A window opens to choose different pages to move the specified page or block to
    1. Click home
    1. Get’s stuck on loading screen

Expected behavior

After clicking home it should list the pages that I have on my home screen.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Version: 0.16.8

Additional context

[Step 1](

[Step 2](


Hey, is this still relevant?

I’m not getting, what you mean with “3. Click Home”.
When I choose a block an select “Move to”, I cant see “Home”.
Is that an object you created yourself?

Marking this as solved, because of no further communication. Feel free to write in here again.