Cannot install Anytype on IOS

When trying to install anytype in Testflight on iPhone i get following error:

iPhone 13 Pro / iOS-Version: 16.0

Hi @Michel, could you share some details about your phone? (model, iOS version)

I believe the Test flight programme will take care of sharing the logs files with the Anytype team in the background.

sure: iPhone 13 Pro / iOS-Version: 16.0

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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

Thanks! I’ve added the info to your original post and moved the topic to the bug report category

Hi @Michel! Is this problem still exist? Could you please share your email (in DM) which was used for receiving TestFlight build?

Hi @mordan, yes the problem still exists. I did not use an email to receive the TestFlight build. I used the link on the download page.

Could you please share link which you use for it?


@Michel Is the installation working currently?

Yes. it is.

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