Cannot add an entry in a collection

Hi, I just realised that I cannot add an entry into a specific collection. Only this one. It has two Layouts: Grid and Kanban.

Does anyone has an idea what to do?

Maybe the filter setting prevents that you new Objects show up in the Grid/Kanban?

Allways usefull:
Add a View “Last Modified” to the Collection and set the filter according to it.
It should show now your last “modified” Objects (also a creation is a “modify”).
Sort the View so that the youngest modifications show up on top of the Grid.

Are your missing Objects there?

Also have a look in the Graph. Are the Objects there?

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It is not a view or filter issue. It is that I just cannot add an entry to the collection. Have a look at the screenshot. I could also prepare a video, if that would help.

Solved it by checking the template under the arrow by “New" - there was no object type selected! I switched to “Page" and voilà. Can’t reproduce it.

Fine that you’ve found the solution!

But the developers should do here something.
The apps behavior is puzzling for a newbie.

There should pop up a dialog like this:
“No Object Type chosen for this Collection yet. Please select one: …”

Yes, the question is also why no object type is displayed. The default type should always be displayed.