Can you whipe your workspace and start over?


I was wondering if you can whipe Anytype’s workspace completely and start with a clean fresh empty Anytype?


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Yes, but you may need to get a new invite link from AnyType before you completely lock yourself out.

Yes, you need to request a new invite code, this will give you a completely new, fresh workspace. We will put together a procedure for handling this soon and will open a topic in the knowledgebase so you know how to request it if needed.


@Vova I think you meant to tag @Jeroen

Thank you both, I have seen that post. For now I am just testing it so I am not going to reset it. So I can be a testcase if gets fixed (the issues I have). :wink:

So far, Anytype is not my daily driver for the bugs and missing features so I am only testing it.