Can you change app background back to white?

I was looking at different background options for the wallpaper on the app and now I can’t make it white again. How do I put the app background wallpaper color back to the default?

Do you mean “cover”?

Are you talking about the app’s color mode?
-If so you can get back to that at the top left and click Anytype
-Go to settings and click on account
-From there you can go to Appearance
-You can change between light, dark, and system default from there
Hope that helps!

No. I’m talking about personalization and wallpapers In the app under space settings. There are lots of options for colors, but I cannot find white. Was white the default color?


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Can you please share a screenshot please? It’s a bit unclear what you are referring to.

Maybe you could write a help article on how to use custom CSS? I think will help a lot of users to solve some problems like the one mentioned in OP.

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The default is a gradient of blue and white. The first one here:

Ok thank you! I went into the wallpaper setting as soon as I opened the app so I thought pure white was the default.

Thank you everyone for your comments and help!