Can we import templates from Notion []

Will I be able to :

    1. Import templates like this in Anytime from Notion?
    1. Share dashboards like these with my clients and get input from them.

I just got the alpha invite.

For better understanding please watch that video to see the capabilities.

P.S: I haven’t used notion so far. Am only starting out with Anytime.

Importing Notion templates is not supported, and likely will not be for quite some time. Although Anytype works similarly to Notion, its database model is pretty different. Additionally, Notion export does not include the layout and structure of a page, only the contents in Markdown. So even if Anytype team wanted to import such a layout, it would not be possible by just importing Notion data. It may be possible through the Notion API to get more data from a page about its layout, I’m not sure, but even so it would still be complicated to try to “map” this to Anytype’s internal structures.

So basically, it may be something the team is able to do at some point, but it will not be easy and not likely available in the near future. It is probably best to just recreate things with Anytype, and take advantage of unique Anytype features as you do so. The results will no doubt be better. :grin:

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