Can I sync/back up my data with NAS or cloud?

Hello, I’m an alpha user, and I’d be really expected beta!

Can I sync and back up my data with personal NAS or cloud such as onedrive, google drive etc?

I wonder it because I read some posts about pricing when we sync or back up.

I think Anytype is local storage based,
and it means I can store it in my cloud, NAS, or HDD.
Is this different meaning with sync and back up?

If I want to sync/back up my data with all devices I use,
should I pay?
If my data depends on anytype server, what’s difference with notion or other online based note?

If I have to pay, is there any lifetime option?
(I don’t like subscription…)

thanks in advance for replying.


Hi @lsk9021

Yes, it will be possible to self-host after our public release.

Seems like you answered your own question :slight_smile:

Yes Anytype is local-first so it works off-line, while Notion is hosted only on web servers. Anytype utilizes fully encrypted nodes to facilitate sync which contain no logic.

Right now we have no plans to provide a “shrink-wrap” version of Anytype, but we will come up with a flexible payment system.

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Thanks for replying. :blush:

One more question please.
Then can I store my backup data with external hard drive and restore from it?

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This is actually possible now. If you’re using any back-up software, (depending on the software) you can assign it to make scheduled back ups of your entire HD or a specific folder like the Anytype work directory. You can find it in Anytype by navigating to File>Show Work Directory.

Please bear in mind that right now you cannot customize the system data location. When we allow self-hosting it will have to be done with a specific protocol.

You can however, make manual back ups of your work-directory, but that back-up will not retain changes to your content, so you would need make these manual back-ups on a frequent basis.

Does that make sense?

Note: Please check the location once again after our next release because it will differ slightly. The reason is that during the migration you will need to have both the Legacy app and the Beta app installed, and the “Data” folder location for each one will be different.


Hi, this is something I want! Ownership my data and connectivity anywhere and backup off all my data. Obsidian have sync via iCloud. Something like that?