Can I Link my own Database into AnyType?

Hey, I just stumbled oppon AnyType and feel like I will switch to it from Notion. One thing I would love which doesnt work aswell in Notion.

I have my own Database in Windows
And I would love to link/ embed everything into AnyType without uploading it. So basicly just a link to all those files. Does that work right now?

As far as I understood, all the files will be safed in AnyType and not linked with the Original Path of the File. So I have them twice, the Original and in Anytype?

I couldnt find a answer to that.

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Short answer is that no, you can’t do anything remotely similar to what you’re asking for. There is no way to show the files from those folders inside Anytype without uploading them. The team does hope to be able to do something like this in the future, but there is no ETA or anything.

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Thank you, I wish the best to achieve something like that. I will spectate and watch the progress

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