Can I install anytype on an external SSD?

Can I install anytype on an external SSD & save my files there?

Because my MacBook is 256 GB & it’s running out of space?

N.B: My anytype storage is 130 GB.

Hi! I think the team is working on an installer where it is possible to choose the location of the Anytype2 folder, but I’m not sure if external locations are allowed or supported.

Do you have an idea why your Anytype installation is so big? 130Gb is quite a lot of data!

I saved lots of videos & files on my research topic on anytype. That’s why. I want to transfer those files on an external SSD, But on the other hand, those files are arranged systematically with notes on anytype.

Thanks! Sounds like you are stress testing Anytype, which is good!

We are working on the ability to change location where all anytype data are stored. It will enable the possibility to store data on the external drive.


I use mklink and it works great.