Can I change the "relation" later?

I want to do some settings for a game using Anytype.

I have created an Object called “Asteroid” which has some relations, such as “Resources”.
At first I set “Resources” to the Text type, but then I realised that it was wrong, it should be a drop down selection like “Gold”, “Methane” etc. But, at this point I can no longer change the type.

This also posed another problem.

I had to leave the current page, create another “resource” object, then return to the current page and select the relationship as the “resource” I had just created. This is a bit tedious. I wonder if there is a simpler way that I don’t know about?

I have same question.

I first created a relation named it A, with type, say a object of page.

Then while using i gradually think A should be a note, not a page. But it then cannot be edited. Eventually another “A” is created to be a note object/

Which caused that in the future whenever I use slash command looking for the relation “A”, there are two of them. Funny thing is that u cannot distinguish then if you do not click one and try it.

I have just joined the alpha test few days ago and I think Anytype is great and the team has its vision. But there are some bugs not fixed, they are continuously tickling you, it’s not painful, but super annoying.