Can anyone access the recovery pass phrase?

I’m using the app on iOS and Linux.
How secure is the local storage on the desktop (Linux Windows) ?
My recovery pass phrase is accessible without password , so can anybody with access to the computer and access it ?
The PIN can block this access?

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Hi @Rom1 Welcome to the Community!

I can’t speak for local encryption regarding Linux, I know mac and windows both do it natively. Maybe @Flip can shed some light on that.

If someone gets ahold of your Recovery Phrase, they can access your account. In the future we will enable a way to change your recovery phrase to a new one if this happens. That’s why we always suggest to write it down and/or store it somewhere very safe. I keep all my passwords in an encrypted message.

A pin is just a secondary means to access your account, it doesn’t nullify your Recovery Phrase.

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Hey @Rom1,
unencrypted disks are easily accesible. not matter the OS installed on it.
I’m not a cryptographic expert. But the often used setup with LUKS and a good password is protecting your data very well.

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