Callout only displays the first block on Android

Describe the bug
Callouts aren’t displayed correctly on Android. Only the first block is displayed. Subsequent blocks are added outside the callout.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add a callout block on desktop.
  2. Write something.
  3. Press enter and write something.
  4. On desktop, all the blocks are inside the callout. On mobile, only the first one is.

Expected behavior
All text is added inside the callout on Android.

System Information:
Anytype 0.9.0 on Android 12.





Thanks for noticing! I’ve slightly adjusted the title to hopefully be a bit more specific.

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Thanks for reporting. This is a known issue and should be fixed in 0.10.0 coming at the end of August. It is also about supporting styling for nested blocks in general, and we’re working on it.

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@sambouwer Thanks!

@eugene Great news, thanks for your response! :+1:

@eugene this issue is still present in Android 0.10.0 (with Callout block created on Windows/Desktop 0.28.11-beta).

Checked as well, still present on Android v0.10.0 and desktop v0.28.0!

Edit: still present on 0.11.0.

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Callouts have been improved in v0.12.0 :tada:

However, in my experience, the behavior is pretty weird :scream:.

If the callout is created on desktop and has 2 or more blocks inside, it’s possible (from Android) to press enter and add new blocks inside the callout:

If the callout is created on desktop with only one block, adding new blocks from Android results in the blocks being added outside the callout:

Same happens if the callout is created on Android:

Adding the second block from desktop seems to fix the situation. Afterwards, Android can add new blocks:

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Hey @Angelo, I noticed you added the implemented tag.

Are you referring to what was discussed in post #1 or #7?

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Still present in v0.14.0