Call for Volunteers: Show off your Anytype in our next Open Demo Call!

TLDR: Fill in this form if you’ve built a cool system for managing study notes in Anytype and would like to present it during our next demo call on 31 August at 17:00 CEST :star_struck:

Don’t have a use case for studies but want to present something else to the community? Fill in the form and let us know!

Hey hey, Anytypers!

Many of you remember that during our Alpha days, demo calls were our primary way of initiating new community members into Anytype’s vision and concepts.

Though no longer mandatory, we’re still seeing demand for live onboarding sessions from those who have tested the app and would like more tailored instructions on certain use cases or concepts. We’ve been wow’d by a lot of showcases we’ve seen here in the community, and thought it would be fun to test out a new format and shine a light on the real experts of Anytype: you!

This is what we’re thinking: Each month’s demo will have a specific theme (example: Anytype for Creatives). Someone from the Anyteam will present how we would use Anytype in this context, and then we’ll invite 1-2 volunteers to show how they’ve built up their own system for tracking their projects/inspirations, followed by live q&a.

Each presentation should be maximum 15 minutes in length. We hope that by demonstrating diverse examples of how to use Anytype, people will be able unlock new ways of using it.

Just in time for back-to-school, we’d like to begin with Anytype for Students as our theme, and are asking for 1-2 volunteers to demonstrate how you’ve created a system for managing your studies in Anytype.

Volunteers should keep in mind:

  • Our demo calls are held in English to an audience of 50-100 people

  • You would be asked to share your screen, so if there’s anything you would not feel comfortable sharing to an audience of strangers, this is probably not the right venue

  • At least 2 members of the Anyteam will be there from start to finish of the demo call

  • Lastly - this is meant to be fun! Don’t worry about building the most beautiful system in Anytype - if you’ve found a workflow that’s meaningful for you and you want to show others, that’s good enough!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know by filling in this form! If you don’t have a good use case for studies but would otherwise like to volunteer for a future demo call, please fill the above form as well, selecting ‘No’ to the first answer :slight_smile:



Alright, this would really be amazing


This is huge


Hi. Was there a recording of a demonstration of Anytype use cases during the Open Demo Call? Luma didn’t email me like it did with TownHall.

It wasn’t recorded unfortunately.

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Thanks for the info.

I saw that a participant started recording just before the demo portion of the call. Hopefully it surfaces at some point. :crossed_fingers: