Calendar (with the ability to integrate with the kanban board)

A similar feature is already implemented in Trello in conjunction (or even without) with Planyway. And also a little incomplete, but in Notion, where you can create a calendar and specify the necessary events in it, and then move to the board or timeline view.

Dear developers, I already appreciate your work, but if you can add this to the product, I and many other users will be incredibly grateful. I am 100% sure about it. AnyType will be a great competitor to the insecure and perpetually leaking Google.


Hello @gallifrey this feature 100% in our sight but we will ship it not sooner then our public release will happen. It is more a pleaser feature and we want to provide solid core use cases first. But we are really looking forward to ship this one after public release.


I know this is a bit far but is the planned calendar in anytype compatible with caldav calendars?

if so this would be great.

If it will be the crucial function for calendar integration to work with ease and joy we will definitely implement it

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Sounds great.
Any idea when to expect this update?

It is hard to say for now. We have a plan to focus on sharing and collaboration after public release. It means it will depend on amount of our resources to do this. I would say in best case it will be 2nd part of this year more probable next year

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regarding the public release will it include the API *?
If so I think I can implement it as a plugin.

* with good documentation please

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Hopefully the integration calendar ↔ Kanban (and well as between everything else) is a given.
As long as it’s an event object, with start date/time (and possibly end date/time), then it should be viewable in either Calendar or Kanban view.

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Also interested in this.

Has this timeline moved since apparently a dev is already working on the calendar feature?
Could you also possibly ask what exactly are they working on? Is it just a monthly calendar or would daily timelines be included?

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For now we are now working on timeline view. As mentioned previously we could pay attention to this feature after public release.
Meanwhile can you share your use cases for this feature please. It will help us to provide more user centric implementation

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For me the most important feature is a daily timeline since I would like to use it for timeblocking. This with notifications would be good enough for me to start to use it for that use case.
I’m guessing that the timeline you’re working on is something more similar to Notion timelines and Gantt charts?

Monthly calendar views would also be nice since it’s a lot easier to check on a glance how busy a certain day is compared to table views.

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+1 for daily timeblocking

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