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Maybe Anytype should partner with PROTON MAIL? Their encrypted calendar is what I use and it seems like an ideal partnership since both entities are about privacy.

I use Proton Calendar, and Proton VPN on a daily basis. (Exploring Proton Drive now, but it’s still Beta and no where near like Google Drive). However their commitment to privacy also means that their platform doesn’t work with a lot of apps without compromise.


@helloyellow In my opinion they shouldn’t. The reason for this is:

Please don’t understand me wrong, I support the issuance of data in the case of criminal activity. But routine monitoring of my private data/activities is definitely not one of them. Please don’t be mislead by their promises, Proton Mail isn’t so much interested in your privacy.

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Thank you for this information. For someone who is not involved in criminal activities, the protection they offer me is satisfactory. For something more secure perhaps Tuttanota is best, but their free email was giving me so many problems with sign in that I just stuck with protonMail. Also I don’t think they have a calendar yet.

I’m always open to other suggestions too.

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Super happy to see this feature getting attention!

My needs require only one view: a monthly calendar view that I can color-code based on projects, and fade out once the task is marked done.

Read detailed use case. (Long post ahead)

I tend to work on different creative projects. I also include personal tasks, hobbies, and events in my calendar, so I can look back and see where my time went. Because of the huge variety in task types, it’s important for me to differentiate them with colors, so I can see in a month’s view what type of project is taking over and adjust accordingly (by drag and drop) if needed.

Sample calendars (Asana, ClickUp) to demo how I color code based on task types — various colors for projects, transparent or gray for personal tasks/events and reminders

I start by having a project page listing my tasks (preferably with nesting), then I group it together and divide harder tasks into smaller subtasks. This is usually in List View or Kanban. Then the Calendar is for checking if the assigned schedules fit in with everything else.

Asana nesting in kanban
Kanban with parent and children tasks in Asana

Mockup of how I’d prefer it organized in Anytype

After that, the Calendar becomes my main view. (An inline calendar would be nice because it’s definitely going in my dashboard.)

In Asana, done tasks are faded out. In ClickUp, they have statuses that you can customize and assign colors. I always assign deeper colors for to-do and ongoing statuses, and their lighter versions for done statuses.

For this to happen in Anytype, ideally there’d be a color picker where you can input hex codes. Or at the very least, the vibrant colors should not be exclusive to texts and the lighter ones to backgrounds. I’d use it the other way and assign the vibrant ones as background for my to-dos, then the lighter ones for my completed tasks.

ClickUp hex
Color picker in CU

Side note:
I never archive tasks because I don’t want completed ones disappearing in view. I may re-home it in a different Set in Anytype, but I’d like all tasks to remain visible in Calendar.

Other things that would be convenient to have:

  • Tasks that span multiple days connected in calendar
  • Scrolling option available so you can still see the surrounding dates when it’s nearing the end of the month
  • A start and end time that is both optional, so I can still record the time even when I forgot to add one of the two.
  • Maybe have an option to display a few things
    • An icon to express priority or style an event
    • The parent task or a group/tag relation
    • Graph displaying progress (I find it highly motivating)
  • If it’s not asking too much… Recurring tasks that can be either fixed date or triggered when the current task is marked done. (I mostly use monthly, quarterly, and yearly.)

Last but not the least, my biggest pain point that a LOT of calendars overlook: Desktop Month View in mobile

Don’t know if there’s a term for this, it’s when the month view and its tasks in desktop are still visible in mobile without having to individually click dates to display tasks.

This is a huge dealbreaker for me. I don’t believe it’s a case of lacking screen real estate, as I’ve seen some apps do it. (They’re just not PKM apps.) I’d be truly grateful if you can find a way to incorporate this layout choice, so I can end my calendar hunt and camp all of my digital life here in Anytype. :slightly_smiling_face:

See how bad it is in my color-dependent use case…

In Asana and Notion:

I think these dotted numbers are the norm in mobile calendars, but in all honesty, I find them pointless. :upside_down_face: All they do is tell me I have tasks, which I already know. And if I need to rearrange schedule while away from laptop, I’d have to click every single day to see what’s in it. (I rarely use Weekly View because some tasks could take days to finish, so I can’t visualize it properly by just looking at Daily or Weekly.)

Side Note:
Reading comments, I see now that this is good for daily note-taking, which isn’t my use case. :sweat_smile:

For inspiration

Google did it right with their Month View layout. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of everything else. (Slashed tasks, lack of task manager, among other things.)

Another example is Samsung. I really love how they did it. (You pull downwards to expand.) I understand this layout may not be for everyone, so I appreciate that they designed something that could work for different types of users.

Hold and slide for multiple days

I also love how the colored lines stack. Way better than dots, in my opinion.

I’m not expecting a duplicate design. A “basic” and “full” month view could work, too. Or a settings for everything you want to hide/see. I trust the devs to figure out what works best. :grin:

That’s it. Thank you for considering my use case!


Thank you @Kerstie for this clear presentation of your vision for Calendar View. Your effort is appreciated and I have shared it with our team!


Thank you @Angelo. I’m really looking forward to this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the main point why I didn’t move from Capacities to AnyType yet. This system to see all objects connected by date in the Calendar/Daily Notes is awesome. I was never so accurate with my notes as I have been doing in Capacities. It will be great if AnyType includes these features. I was trying to do something similar in AnyType, using a set to list all objects connected to a date “relation”, but it wasn’t works.


For me, the timeline view holds a higher level of importance compared to the calendar view. While I do use the calendar view occasionally to identify days with a higher number of tasks, my primary focus lies in the timeline view. It provides me with a comprehensive long-term overview of all my tasks and projects, offering the flexibility to adjust the display based on the day, week, bi-week, or month.

By categorizing my tasks according to projects (parent objects), I can easily observe the distribution of tasks grouped by project across different time frames. This level of insight is not attainable in the calendar view, as tasks remain ungrouped, and I can only view the quantity of tasks scheduled for each day. Consequently, the timeline view facilitates a more organized and structured perspective of my tasks by date.

Due to these advantages, I predominantly spend my time within the timeline view since it supplies me with all the essential information I need to manage my tasks efficiently and plan my projects effectively.


I use the calendar view to track activities across the month. The way Notion functions with Calendar view is pretty close to what I would like to see in Anytype, but there are two improvements I would love to see:

  1. Allow two date relations to be used as the start and end of a range. Notion has a specific range field which is great when I need a custom date range, but it does not allow me to use the creation and updated time in that range.
  2. Support showing daily, weekly, and monthly views. If you look at the Calendar view directly in the database, it is just a run on calendar which I dislike. If I want a month view, I need to create a separate page and inline the database which is a layer of indirection I do not want.

Since this is the FR with the highest amount of votes, would it be possible to put this feature on the roadmap?


I would use this for two reasons. One is for personal tracking and the other is I use anytype for fictional writing, so some sort of timeline feature would be very useful for that. But at the same time so would some sort of canvas/whiteboard/mind-mapping capabilities would as well. I know that is a different topic in itself but perhaps it could be considered when developing the timeline function further as they would work together well.

I would hope we could define the values as well on any sort of timeline.


Any updates on that? Or do we have an estimate of when it will be on the roadmap?

And I agree with those who menntioned that the Timeline is way more important than the Calendar view.


i saw both calendar and timeline in the roadmaps. one in progress and the other in triage.



Where is that roadmap?

This one doesn’t have it: Anytype Feature Roadmap 🪩 · GitHub

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This one :

This feature really needs to be added to Anytype, it’s the only reason behind why I still feel like going back to notion sometimes.

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