Bullet Journaling?

I’ve only just yesterday joined the Anytype community and love the spirit!

I’m used to employing bullet journaling to get stuff very quickly out of my head and into a safe place throughout the day. The last tool I used for that is Logseq, but it can easily be done in Roam, Obsidian and the likes as well.

However, I didn’t find any thread in this forum covering bullet journaling with Anytype and I’m struggling creating a fitting structure on my own.

Is there anyone here having experiences with Anytype + Bullet Journaling who good give some advice?

Just had to google what “bullet journaling” is :sweat_smile:
The “weekly plan” type has a template that may fit that, If i understood the intention right.

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My bad, I should have described the term better.

So essentially bullet journaling is about getting your thoughts out of your head onto (digital) paper as quickly as possible to get back to focus on the task at hand. To do that, one usually uses a sort of signifiers like bullet points for tasks, dashes for notes etc. (choose whatever works for you). One page per day, no additional structuring for starters (although one can obviously indent entries). It looks like an outline of sorts.

Then, at the end of the day, one can walk through all the notes taken througout the day and group them into own notes (official bullet journaling documentation calls them collections). There are more reviews like weekly, monthly and yearly reviews, as well as methods to plan ahead, but for now I just want to figure out how to super (!) quickly get those different entries into a daily document. A global quick entry box fired up by a shortcut would be amazing, but I didn’t find anything like that. I don’t mind creating the document by hand every day, although having it automatically be generated for me, like logeq does, would certainly be much appreciated.

The template that you’ve suggested, @Flip, would work really well for weekly spreads (this is what is used in bullet journaling for planning the week ahead), but not so much for the process of daily journaling.

Got it. Thanks for the explanation.
As there is no way to automatically generate objects right now, I would recommend to create a type for that and then make a template that fits your needs. You can easily create a new object of this type then every day with very few clicks.

I think while possible that Anytype is not (yet) suited for Bullet Journaling. It lacks indicators.

I would recommend Microsoft OneNote for this. It has tags, signifiers/indicators and formating suitable for bullet journalling. Weather you want to use the basic layouts or go more fancy. It also supports layouts for you daily, weekly or monthly spreads (or any other templates).

Not sure about specifics regarding the setup you expect.

But in a general sense, in my opinion Anytype still lacks the agility of other tools for quickly writing and organizing structured text in a page. I’ve done several posts related to this before.

I like the big things Anytype is trying (and managing) to achieve, but none of that will matter to me if the immediate act of writing and structuring my information isn’t quick and intuitive.

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