Bulk Editing of Objects

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When I import of manually add multiple documents, I need to go to each one separately to add tags, change the type, etc. This is time-consuming.

Describe the solution you’d like

Be able to select multiple documents (e.g. from within a Set) and then bulk edit them, e.g. add or change Relations.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Manually change all the documents one by one.

Additional context

An alternative solution would be to do this programatically using an (upcoming) API.


Similar to but not the same as: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1489

This too might be something that would need to be handled in Sets Views.

I just recognized something really cool. I have a Set of Tasks. These tasks have the standard relationships. Then in the Sets view I added a new column with the relationship Progress and I added some progress values to the tasks (all in the Sets view). As a result all tasks got the new relationship Progress. You might know this already but for me this is new and really nice. Basically I can bulk-add relationships now :wink:

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@roncz so can I mark this feature request as complete?

Hello @div3xi, it is good to have the ability to bulk-add relationships. However, what I meant was also to bulk-add tags, or to bulk-change types.

The background is the following. I added some documents and now want to add certain tags to all the documents and change them to type Task. An alternative solution might be to offer an import that supports Types, Tags, etc. (maybe in JSON format). Also, I guess an (already planned as far as I know) API might help to to this programmatically.

I hope this helps you.

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@roncz I understand what you mean, a really handy feature to have as I too have to make modifications in multiple pages and it is difficult.


Yes! I’m new and just learning and determining how to organize lots, adn being able to bulk add tags to a lot of new pages would be very good.

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I’d suggest revising the title to be “Bulk Editing of Objects”

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