Built-In chat feature

So, I add the request from the community chat here to be able to discuss :slight_smile:

A few suggestions:

  • As a sidepanel which can be openend / closed
  • Switch between public chat (comments) and internal (shared by name not link)

I think there are more suggestions from other people here :smiley:


A simple chat function might be useful but I don’t think it should be enforced with the main releases. There will be a lot of people using Anytype individually and chat would be completely useless to them.


@BGray Yeah completely agree

In my view chat should absolutely be a plugin. It’s a pretty big, open question how the collaborative aspects will even work at this point also.


I would like my screen to be as clean as possible and I don’t need any collaboration features. Chat, if it happens, definitely should be a plugin


Will it be possible to implement a chat using the future databases/objects functionality? I.e., the chat history could be a database (with fields for the sender, receivers, time, etc.) If then there is a button that automatically creates entries using the current time (aka “send” button) and a view that shows a custom representation of the database (aka chat history), it would be quite a powerful feature. As it will allow one to query the chat history, attach other metadata to it, and link to/from it from other objects. Imagine deep-linking chat messages from a personal journal, a description of a calendar event, etc.

Given that it will also be running on top of IPFS (so, messages can be sent locally without internet connection, large files can be shared through the local network, etc.), this might well be quite competitive as a general chat tool with existing centralized apps.

I’m new here, so I’m not sure if there is a plan to make the database/object functionality powerful enough to allow all this.


At the risk of being flamed, please don’t devote valuable dev and design time to building YAMT (Yet-Another-Mesaging-Tool), there are literally hundreds.

The earlier comment of making it available as a plugin makes 100% sense.