Bug or Feature? Object title entry issue

I don’t know the nomenclature well at the moment so apologies in advance.

When I add a note, I’m promoted for a title. But this is not saved. Maybe I’m just misinterpreting the UI. See below.

If it’s actually a bug, I can file one. Just wanted to check first.

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Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Objects with the “note” layout don’t actually have a separate configurable title (as other objects objects may); the title is automatically set based on what the first line(s) of the note contain.

To change this, you can open the object, select “layout,” and change the layout type to something else (“basic” is likely ideal in most cases). :grin:

The app’s prompt to enter a title is misleading, so please feel free to open a bug report for that!


Very helpful, thank you!

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