Bookmark editing

I noticed that it isn’t possible to edit bookmarks once you paste a link. Since you make sometimes typos and links can change from time to time, I think it would be useful to add an option to edit bookmarks.


I second that since I had the same issue recently.

The same goes for pasted images, they also cannot be edited/replaced. But that may need a seperate topic though the functionality is basically the same.

@Jeroen Please do open a separate topic about editing images after adding them. This relates to file attachment/media behavior, which is different than bookmarks behavior (which is live fetching of data over the web, rather than embedding a local file).

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I think it would be mandatory to add edit to anything.

I know it would be an utopia to expect it anywhere, anytime soon.


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@AyneHancer Markdown style links will soon be here, and they can solve @Jeroen Feature request


I want to create a bookmark library. When copy-pasting a bookmark into a Bookmark Media, it’s not possible to edit the bookmark afterwards, for example to remove a URL query.

Instead, whenever I click it opens the Browser with the bookmark as a new tab.

This behaviour is probably the expected one most of the time, but is not very intuitive when constructing a bookmark entry.

At the moment I paste the buffer below the Bookmark Media, edit it, cut it and re-paste it into the Bookmark Media.


this is possible now when editing the source after opening the bookmark as an object

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Closed the topic as this feature is indeed implemented. Feel free to :triangular_flag_on_post: flag this topic if you want it to be reopened.