Blurry picture previews in toggles

When opening toggles that contain pictures I often get blurry picture previews (of pictures that are not blurry in any way when clicked on). Here are exemples.

To reproduce:

  1. have (multiple?) pictures within a toggle

  2. open and close page and/or toggle

Sometimes (I would say 1 in 10 pictures) they get blurry but sometimes I reopen the page and it is another one, sometimes none.

Expected behavior : no blurry picture previews

I think it’s probably important to add some of the info from the Telegram discussion, most notably that these are images originally added on desktop. They are a mix of PNG and JPG, they are blurry on-page, but when clicked they display correctly.

To me it looks like it could be a partial/slow sync or a proxy/resized image.

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@Inkqb Can you write the file extention and size of pictures that blurry constantly?

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All are PNG files between 5.5 and 150 kb.

I don’t think there is any picture that is constantly blurry, it seems to be a rather random thing.

I also believe this has something to do with toggles, most of my pictures are within toggles and I can’t remeber a time where a picture was blurry outside of one.

Oh and sorry I forgot it in the first post : only on android, version 0.1.14 (note 20, android 10)