Blur on keychain phrase does not effectively block reading

The blur effect on the key chain phrase is easily decipherable. The blur on the QR code could also probably be reversed. I don’t know if this really qualifies as a bug, but there is definitely no point in having a blur there at all if you can read through it. I feel like the blur should protect from accidentally leaking while livestreaming, or similar situations.

The real keychain phrase should not be displayed and then blurred. There should be default text that is blurred, and the replaced when it is unblurred. The same goes for the QR code.

Desktop and Mobile
Anytype 0.22.3

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@JesseCarl Thank you for your report. Current solution is temporary, we are planning to make more secure solution in the future

A more secure implementation is being worked on.

This bug has been addressed in Desktop 0.27.0. At first glance, the QR code and phrase is blurred like before, but it is replaced with a substitute until clicked.

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