Blocks cant be moved

Describe the bug
I couldnt move any blocks anymore. Dont know how to reproduce it, yet. After a restart it works like expected.

Expected behavior
Moving blocks to actually move.
System Information:

  • OS: Linux
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Its not the first time I had this bug.

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Random bugs are a plague because finding the variable that is the cause can be so long.

True. I noticed that the second time now. But used Anytype for hours both time. Have to try moving the blocks more, then maybe there is a reason found.

When this happens, does it also applies to/inside any other Object?

Edited the Post again. :+1:
Yes, its in all objects I tested.

I had some copy and paste issues right before I noticed this one. But dont know if its coincidence.

It may be related, there have been several bugs related to Copy/paste in the past. Don’t hesitate to search among the unresolved topics and create your own if needed.

This one is the latest:

But nobody else seemed to have problem since the Update in November. So I’m not sure if its actually Anytype or not.

If you only have copy problems with Anytype, the Occam’s razor would suggest that it is more likely to be involved.

The revival of an old bug is possible.

You are right. The problem is always, when the problem occurs, how? What triggered it?
And I understand its difficult for the devs to spend time into those things, when there are so many other things that have to be done.

Exactly! We must be attentive to the patterns.

I just had another editor bug. Made a video to be sure. Then restarted Anytype and it was gone. Absolutely no clue how to trace those things.

Hopefully your bug report will help to detect if other people and especially with other OS than you, have the same problem. It will be a start.

Still occurring from time to time on different devices (both Linux).

Didn’t occur to me since the last release, so I will mark this as fixed for now.

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