Block-Type: "Quotation"-advanced

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I like to see qoutations of my quotations-collection in other objects dynamically.

Describe the solution you’d like

So I like to be able to see the content of a Set in a ‘Size-Adjustable-Frame’ one at a time dynamically.

The Quotation-Block could be enhanced for this, it could have a settings menu where one can set up ‘the linking to a set’, so the Quotation-Block displays the Objects of the Set.

  • beeing able to set ‘how many Objects’ are displayed at once
  • beeing able to set a time-interval when new Objects of the Set get picked
  • beeing able to set ‘in which order’ Objects get picked from a set (*Linear: one by one, and at the end it jumps to the beginning, or *Randomly)
  • beeing able to set the transition animation (“no animation”, “fading”)
  • beeing able to set a filter from which Objects of the set to pick from

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

alternative 1: Having a Set of sentences that I go to now and then.

alternative 2: Creating a linked Set. <- clutters the whole page because this shows all entrances of the Set. + Is static, only shows a subset of the set. + looks too big for the purpose