Blank profile picture / avatar (here on the forum)

One of the first things I do when joining a Discourse forum is to write a bio and add a profile picture.

But in the anytype community Discourse forum, I cannot get this to work.


I tried selecting the Gravatar option first, since I have a Gravatar/WordPress account with images. I’ve (literally) quadruple-checked that I’m using an email address for this forum that my Gravatar account knows about. Everything seems to be set up correctly, but I see only the ghostly gray icon that Discourse uses when there’s no image.

Uploaded image

So I’ve tried uploading images. There are a few I usually choose, and I have tried all of them. The upload works fine, and Discourse actually shows me the image that I uploaded. But when I click “Save,” I’m still looking at that ghostly gray avatar.

I have tried multiple browsers. I have deleted my browsers’ caches and reloaded forum pages with fresh, non-cached assets. Nothing.

I see lots of other people’s avatars, but not my own.

As I have things set now, the image should look like this:

but what I see is: Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 12.27.29

Any ideas?

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there might be some issue with image uploads, as I read someone else is having trouble adding images to a post…

@Angelo anything you can see in the Discourse logs maybe?

Edit: see other recent mentions of not being able to upload images:


The image uploading issue was unrelated. Profile pictures not loading is a new problem. I’ve been trying to resolve it for several days now. Thanks for reporting @ErikMH


I’m just happy to learn it isn’t me. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for working on it….


I am having the same issue right now. The website is not displaying the profile picture from Gravatar or the uploaded image.


Same here!


So sorry about this everyone! I’m very aware and bothered by it as well. :melting_face:

Discourse is self-hosted, meaning the docker (forum software) lives on our node and is browser accessible via 3rd party web/domain-host. A month or so ago there was an image certification problem on the web-host side that prevented images from loading in our posts, so we made an override quick-fix on our end to resolve it. Unfortunately this kicked the problem down the road, as we suspect the quick-fix caused a conflict with the custom profiles pics :man_facepalming:
It’s not such a huge puzzle to repair, but the only team member who can do it has a task list a mile high. It should be done soon though. Thanks once again for your patience.


This has been fixed.