Blank lines when pasting texts get deleted


When I paste text from outside Anytype the blank lines are always deleted. This is kind of uncomfortable when I have to recreate every single line where I wanted to separate the text.

To Reproduce:

    1. Paste a text with blank lines
    1. See if your blank lines are still there


OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.17.7

@XxxBalCion Hi! Thank you for the notice, it’s not a bug, it hasn’t implemented.

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@Kirill_Lem Hey if you could please delete this post it would be great.

@XxxBalCion from my perspective it seems to be a bug :laughing:

It’s linked with Windows clipboard, we will check what can we do with this and fix :slight_smile:


@vova_ermolaev Thanks!

Solved thank you Anytype Team :innocent: