Big Problem with Emoji

Describe the bug
:sunny: This Emoji is an example
It is available on iOS as colored, on android only as black white.
Colored means 4 chars, black/white means 2 chars.
To see the bug, do the following:

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Copy this emoji on iPhone to anytype, write two words behind this emoji
  2. Mark the word directly after the emoji as bold
  3. On iOS everything fine
  4. On android it will mark the two first letters of the following word as bold, and the icon without the color

Other problems resulting from this are, that even in iOS creating line breaks become unpredictable:

  1. Go to end of this line on iOS
  2. Create line break with enter on iOS
  3. See result

Expected behavior
Same letters should be marked as bold on both systems

System Information:

  • OS: e.g. Android 11, iPadOS 15.2
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: iPad Air 3, Xiaomi Note 9 pro
  • Anytype Version: the newest versions (build 18 and 0.4.2)

@wemiprog I cannot reproduce this issue on Android. However, I don’t have an iPhone or iOS device to create the initial Object with the emoji. Would you be able to check whether creating the Object on Android is sufficient for you to trigger the bug? Please find a recording of my actions below but note that I might not be taking the exact right steps:

@wemiprog I know it has been a while, but could you try to reproduce this with the latest versions of Anytype? If you can reproduce it, could you make a recording and post it here?

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