Bidirectional relations

Hi everyone,

I’ve been alpha testing Anytype for about 24 hours now, and I see a lot of potential in it.

I’m trying to implement a course planner system using relations. First, I made a Semester type, and created Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 as Semesters. Then, I created a Course type, and created Computer Vision and Algorithms as courses. I gave each course an object relation called Semester, which requires a Semester type object as the value. I then set the Semester for Computer Vision to be Spring 2023, and the Semester for Algorithms to be Fall 2023.

I want each Semester page to display the courses in a nice table. I realize that I can do this with an inline set, i.e. making a set of all Courses and filtering to only show the ones with, e.g. Semester of Spring 2023. However, I feel like there should be a way to do this with relations. If I add a relation Courses for each Semester, I can show a list of courses, but I want to avoid creating two separate relations that may not be consistent. Is there are way to instead create a bidirectional relation so that Courses and Semesters know about each other?


Bidirectional relations is on our sight and we want to introduce this feature this year :pray:

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