Bibtex import of objects

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Managing references (not necessarily scientific ones) is, in my point of view, a very important part of a knowledge management software like AnyType. AnyType already pushed this function with the existence of “book” objects, that contain meta-data about books.

However, filing out the meta-data of a book manually can be long and tedious; it’s even worse for more complex references, such as scientific articles. It’s downright impossible to transfer those from an existing database of references (e.g. Zotero).

Describe the solution you’d like
Existing formats, like the .bib “bibtex” format, makes it easy to enter a reference in references managers. It also makes it easy to retrieve all of the meta-data concerning a book, an article, a document, etc.

Ideally, I’d imagine that AnyType would have an import function for the .bib format that could allow for the automatic creation of objects from the .bib data. This would allow for very quickly adding references to books, articles and so on in AnyType via services or apps that can retrieve the information of a document in the bibtex format (e.g. google scholar, zotero).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Manually entering references; but this is a very long process.


Nice, it is possible to sync using sqlite (I’ve got no idea what this us), but it doesn’t requires bibtex anymore, it manages to sync even not exported notes. Hopefully we will have this