Better text selection using keyboard (accidentally selecting full paragraph)

I often want to select parts of text from a paragraph and end up selecting the entire paragraph instead (or even entire nested paragraphs/trees).

Doing one more SHIFT+ DOWN would result in the entire paragraph being selected, like this:

I know I could use CTRL+RIGHT a few times until the remaining text is selected, but that’s awkward.

Maybe have SHIFT+DOWN select the text all the way to the end of a paragraph first, them only after the next SHIFT+DOWN have the full paragraph be selected? Same (inverted) for SHIFT+UP.

There is also some awkward behaviour when paragraphs/blocks are nested, with full trees being selected accidentally…


This was implemented in latest release. Thanks! Is there a way to mark this as “done” or something?

Here’s a related post which I’d also like to be considered":