Better PDF export

A good PDF export makes Anytype a Word replacement :partying_face:

What’s needed?

:page_facing_up: Page formatting

  • Header and footer customizable
    • Page num / all pages
    • copyright
    • title
    • author
    • current chapter
    • date
  • Margins

:clamp: Branding

  • Should be possible to make background (PDF or PNG) template
  • Font should be selectable (at least font type, but better sth like google fonts integration, at the best offline av., downloadable)

🪛 Tools

  • Table of contents
  • Start page

:bulb: Improvements

  • Quality export (currently, for example, spacing between words is displayed, but when copying from pdf it looks like this: itlookslikethis, spaces get lost)
  • Multi-Page PDF, this would be a really killer feature, a selectable amount of page, reordable exporting!!

The way PDF export works are that it renders the markdown on the page into PDF. Allowing for modification would mean changing many things, and This may not be possible even to implement.

@div3xi Some of these might be harder to implement than others but @wemiprog makes a really good point. Anytype is in a good position to compete with many applications including the Office365 suite.

Right now if you do a “print to pdf” of a page it takes snapshots of the app in a specific orientation and gives you a pdf that does not have working links or selectable text. These are must have features if one wants to share a page contents. This is the only way I know of at the moment to export a single page out of the app with all content intact.

Being able to run some sort of export process which lets you add page numbers and header/footer text would be powerful.

You are absolutely correct, It will be challenging to implement, but maybe there could be a window before exporting to pdf where things can be re-arranged without disturbing the current page. This would make a lot of people switch from other services.

Maybe implementing this could be done as a collective community effort when anytype goes open-source, ie. They make their GitHub repository public.


Yeah Im aware how big this effort would be. But I think its worth it, because it opens a new marketing segment, the office replacement. Many users are not really happy with it.

If anytype allows not to use it not only for note taking but note exporting, it would help me to easier convince people around me to use anytype.

Bc’s of that, Id call it a basic feature, otherwise you almost lock in the users, not able to share a document from an amazing app to non users :slight_smile:

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Trying to compete on any level with Word is a pretty significant increase of scope for Anytype if you ask me. That said it sounds like a perfect thing for a plugin. I would only want to see the core team tackle this if a plugin were not feasible for some reason.

Also it should be clarified that note “export” is not the same thing as Print-to-PDF nor print formatting in general. Exporting to DOC(X) might be something to add. But it should be based on Anytype features, and I’m not really in favor of seeing Word-like features added to Anytype just for word processor functions, e.g. margins, page headers/footers, etc.

@Oshyan I’m sorry, I dont get you :thinking:

What is the difference between export and Print-to-PDF (ignoring md export)?

And, when you write and export code, export to pdf (cz thats what most application export and evryone can read), you have to specify a margin. Why not expose that var to users for example?

Have a look at this tool: (had to use at work)

There you can easily customize the export. and if the css isnt the default but allows user customization, its fine.

You understand what I mean with my suggestion?

So, its only little more than a basic PDF-Export technically

What I dont except is some sort like “page1 - horizontally, page2 - vertically, page3 - a3 horizontally”, it would be a general setting to not overkill it :slight_smile:

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@wemiprog Well, it’s not just about how difficult it is to implement (or not), it’s also about maintenance over time, scope creep, etc. But I’ll admit this is not something I care a lot about myself (the feature I mean), and it’s clear you’re aware of the potential for overdoing it, so I’ll step out of this one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: