Better emoji search by name

Right now, searching for an emoji by name requires to input the exact name of the emoji.

On Android, I was looking for the :ramen: emoji but couldn’t find it either with “noodle”, “ramen”, etc.

I guess there is an exact name for it that I couldn’t find.

A way to fix that would be to have the same behaviour as Google’s Keyboard emoji picker, allowing to find an emoji even if we don’t know it’s exact name.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I might be wrong, but I can’t find any emoji by searching it with its name :thinking:


Where, specifically, are you looking for emoji? The only native Anytype function that uses emoji that I’m aware of is the page icons. I assume that’s what you mean because indeed on Android I cannot use built-in search to find page icons. It works on Desktop however. This is a bug that should be reported more clearly as such.

For text Anytype uses the standard operating system-provided keyboard and emoji input. On Android that varies based on keyboard provider, and on desktop it varies as well of course. Windows has a pretty decent dedicated emoji insert and search function. Not sure about Mac.

@Oshyan You’re right, the bug I’m talking about is referring the the page icon selector.

I’ll rename this thread so that it’s clearer. I couldn’t find any bug report regarding the emoji picker.

Mac emoji search is fine and works with Anytype :slightly_smiling_face:

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@clouedoc Is this still the case? The current emoji picked finds quite some hits for “food”:

The emoji you were looking for is called :ramen: Steaming Bowl Emoji ( On emojipedia it is indeed listed under “Noodles”, too. Could you find the “steaming bowl” emoji on Mac by searching for “noodles”?