Be able to set default divider style

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I think the behaviour to insert a divider wasnt made better since the change, where both dividers where combined and the “appearance” option was added.

I only use the line divider all the time. Now instead of typing “/div” and selecting the line divider, I have to first choose the dotted one, then I have to use the mouse to get to this little circle and manually select another appearance.
That are unneeded steps for me.

Describe the solution you’d like
Either add the option back to choose the line divider again with /div.
Or give the option to set a default divider style.
I really would like the second option, because I hope that in the future Anytype will have a lot of options for the users, so that every user can make the defaults, settings, adjustments that is the best for him/herself.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Manually changing it every time.


Typing: --- in an empty block

Thanks. :+1:
Would still be nice to also use the command option more easily.

I thought this was a problem at first too, but then I realized that if I instead searched “/line” instead of just “/divider”, the line divider comes up.

Thats true. Thanks.
But with “/div” it comes up and is preselected, while with “/line” its the 4th option, that you cant even see, when you are not scrolling down.

So instead adding a “default” option, making the line divider as easy usable as the dots divider would also work for me.


I agree. This is mentioned in this feature request:

So, would you ask for a moderator to remove your topic?

Yeah I guess if that gets fixed, this one here is not needed anymore.

That was fixed, Enjoy! :wink:

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Thanks you Team. :+1: