Be able to modify the type of a relation

What Do You Recommend?

Let the user change the type of an existing relation!

How Could It Be Done?

Take Notion as an example (but it’s not the only one to allow this).

Everything (except attached files) can be converted to everything.
Text, select, multi-select, numbers, dates…
Converting to text is simple (but in my opinion, it’s text to something else that would be most useful).

Other type to text: if the values no longer fit, they are deleted.
Example: converting text to numbers will keep only the numbers. To checkbox will keep only Yes. And checkbox to text will only display Yes for checked values.

it might be appropriate to display a warning in this case (although in Notion, honestly, it doesn’t matter: it’s a problem? Undo and hop!).


And I’m sure that you can do better than Notion with better regex!

Real World Use-Cases

A full user case : Feedback : transpose a whisky base

  • creating a number? Oh, no “°”, 0 at the start or something like that : delete all and restart
  • creating a text? OH, always same texte, I want a tag… I have to delete all!

Another usercase : import!
CSV import or something else, that create “default” relation in text type.
As explained, I’ve tried: and to put dates, tags and so on, it’s like deleting everything and redoing it all. Basically, the import is in the trash.

Globally, each time we create relation for an object, a type or a collection, there is no way back.

Two possible reactions:

  • we do. And if it turns out that a relationship should be of another type, we break everything
  • if in doubt, don’t… at this rate, you might as well use something other than Anytype. On the usercase above, I had the first reaction, but after doing everything over and over again… well, I’ve given up for now.

You have my vote for sure.

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I came across this issue as I was trying to import my list of watched movies from Letterboxd. Sadly, all the data coming from the csv is treated by Anytype as text. That would be great to change it to fit as a date value before or after the import.