Batch Editing and Quick Filters?

Hi Anytype community,

I actually started using Anytype quite a while ago, but I’ve always been more of a lurker online. Since Anytype was in Alpha stage before, I didn’t use it for anything serious other than trying it out, and I was still mostly an Obsidian user.

Recently, Anytype entered the Beta stage, and I think it’s a good time to give Anytype a thorough try. After reading the Docs and watching some YouTube videos, I roughly understood the methodology of object-oriented note-taking in Anytype. I can see the benefits of this approach (organizing a large amount of notes in Obsidian was a nightmare for me), and I like the faster, more native feeling experience compared to Notion. However, I encountered some issues that I didn’t understand during the usage, so I’d like to seek help from more experienced members in the community:

First, there’s the issue of how to batch modify Relations (properties). In Notion’s Database, we can multi-select items and batch modify their properties, but in Anytype, I couldn’t find a way to batch modify for a newly created Set.

Also, regarding how to find notes, when using Obsidian, you can click on a Tag once for quick filtering. But in Anytype, it seems that there is no other way besides creating a new Set and setting a filter.

Is there anything I’ve overlooked in my thoughts above? Thanks in advance for the community’s answers! I hope Anytype gets better and better.


Sorry, after some searching on the forum, I saw a discussion related to the first question, and it seems that this is not supported for now. I would still like to ask about the second question: how to quickly and easily filter information using Relations? Thanks again!

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Same thing with the other question. Not implemented yet sadly. Please vote for it. :upside_down_face:

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Ah thanks! Hope this would be implemented some day. :face_in_clouds: