Batch edit of relation values in a Set

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When I am studying a foreign language text I need to create a lot of objects for new vocabulary. But assigning tags for them one by one it is a pain.

Describe the solution you’d like
Ability to batch edit objects in a Set, like selecting some objects them editing a relation’s value for all of them at once.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Edit objects relation values one by one

Additional context


Would like to add on the batch edit by including the deletion aspect by having maybe a checkbox (?) next to each object in a set.


I think it is possible to both add a Relation to multiple Objects and give them a value via a Set.

I would like to add that, it would be very helpful if I could select the status of tasks I have completed and mark them as done at once. This batch edit feature would come in handy in other situations as well, I think.
Also for the future a way to add automation type things like ''if a task is ticked, then mark as done; and If marked as done , then hide from view. Alternatively, "if marked as done, check archive and. “If archive is checked then change type to archive”. Things like this really help.
Hope everyone is doing well.