Batch Deleting Relations

Is there a way to batch delete relations from the library?

After importing a few pages from Notion I have hundreds of duplicate relations that were created from my database views in each Notion page that was imported… I’d like to delete all of these relations and start from scratch, but as far as I can tell the only way to do this is one-by-one. Am I missing something here?


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Actually @JamesC, you can create put everything in a set by creating a new one and querying by the relation of Object Type. Then you should be able to Shift-Select the relationships you want deleted and move them to the bin. When selecting objects, you’ll have to drag to select/deselect them individually.

Here is a video:


Thank you! This worked. :ok_hand: :+1:

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You can also sort by object type to have them all together!


Hi! Had same problem, deleted duplicates from this table, but still see them in popup and library :frowning:

I am not able to select “template” as the object type when creating a set

the only place I can see the templates is in my library, or when I create a set of all object types

You can create a set by relation and choose object type as the source. Then filter out all of the types that you can, and you will be left with templates, and maybe a couple more.

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