Backups and disk space

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There is a suggestion for choosing options for saving the history of changing objects.

The bottom line is that in my opinion, it is logical to let the user choose how much the history of changes of an object should be stored, since many backups occupy an impressive amount of space on the hard disk. For example, my database actually has a size of 65 MB, but due to several dozen backups, the application and all stored information takes 1.5 GB. And this is only at the beginning of use, I don’t have much information in my database yet, but the potential for its appearance is quite large. This is not so much for a PC, even if you end up with 10-15 GB, but in the case of a mobile application, the same 15 GB is a pretty impressive database size.

Accordingly, it would be nice to be able to choose whether I need to keep a history of changing notes for, say, more than 2 weeks.

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Kindly check the following request

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