Backspace extended

Backspace deletes text. But when beginning of paragraph reached, block is empty and cant be deleted if not using delete function.

I think it should be possible to delete a block with backspace. Even merge two “text”-elements should be possible with backspace on android. It’s ok from my point of view to not let backspace merge “h1” and “text”, but two text should be possible :slight_smile:


What do you mean, I am able to delete blocks using backspace.2021-06-09-10-54-25.mp4

Also merging two text block also works using backspace key.

@div3xi this looks like desktop version, but I posted it in android :slight_smile:

Desktop works fine, but I hope to use in android the same way

@wemiprog Android works for me, also!

What’s your specs?

Checked again, seems to work now :slight_smile:

Sorry if I missed, maybe was fixed in update, dont know

think you could delete this topic or mark as resolved

Can this be reopened? I’m facing the issue in the latest version of the android app

Device Details:

  • OS: Android 11
  • Version: 0.2.0

@lynxlove Can you record a video?


Got some interesting findings.

I tested using three different keyboards:

  • Floris Board
  • AOSP Keyboard ( comes with the ROM )
  • Openboard

From the three, only floris board seem to be able to delete the blocks when backspace key is pressed and the other two cannot. You can observer the same in the video shared

Device Details:

  • Android version: 11 ( Lineage 18)
  • Anytype version: 0.2.1

@wemiprog any chance you were using a different keyboard initially when making the issue and switched in the meantime?

Deleting blocks is possible for me on Anytype for Android 0.6.1 using SwiftKey ( @lynxlove have you been able to test this with the latest release?

Edit: just installed openboard and I have the same issue as described by OP and lynxlove.

Edit 2: adding link to possibly related issue: “Enter” Key doesnt work at all on external keyboards on android - Bug Reports - Anytype Community


Reopening as this is still an issue on Anytype for Android 0.10.0 with Openboard.