Background colour not exported when Printing


I have been preparing some Pages in Anytype for university. I usually work with colour to structure my notes.

Since there is no native PDF export available, I saved PDF via Printing options, however the colours are not transferred into the PDF/Print file. I tried several methods - “Save as PDF”, “View with Preview”, “Save as Adobe PDF”, etc. Nonetheless, the issue persists.

**Reproducing the error:** 

- Create Page with coloured block
- Navigate to menu (three dots) > Print
- Choose "Save as PDF", "Save as Adobe PDF" or "Open in Preview"

**Expected Behaviour**

Obtaining a Print-Ready PDF including the same layout, colour and elements as the native AnyType Page. 

MacBook Pro (2017)
**Operating System:** 
macOS Big Sur Version 11.4

Screenshots: (sorry, haven’t figured out how to reduce their size)



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Have a look here:

So we can collect our votes on one main request and avoid duplicates :slight_smile:

@wemiprog Thanks for the reply! I saw your feature request, but didn’t think this would fit entirely.

I considered this a bug since it affects the already existing feature to Print.

Most importantly, other types of formatting (such as the callout/quote) did retain its graphical characteristics (colour), whereas the other blocks of text did not.

This lead me to believe it’s an error more than a viable feature, given the fact if you print a document, you want the outcome to look 1:1 to the native page you are trying to print…

Could be I am simply missing some essential info though :sweat_smile:

PS: I already voted on your feature request earlier ^^

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@firmicutes I would also call this a bug. Exports and prints should carry the text formatting along with them. That’s what I would expect if I was using a tool with that label. Now if there was a “converter” function, that I would expect to not match exactly.

+1 on this I have also experienced this bug where you can’t print color.

Yeah sounds like a bug, but I had a little bug too in my feature request. Thx for voting.

That a print makes a 1:1 is almost never true. In word it is very similar, but not 100%

For anytype, Id think of like if you want to print a webpage :slight_smile:

@wemiprog Sure, you’re right, but I think there’s a difference between printing a webpage snapshot vs. a custom made page with software that creates documents which are more likely to be printed :slight_smile:

I get that it’s still a long way to go for the ability to export editable pdfs, but at least the doc should retain the basic formatting before anything else becomes a possibility. :smiley:


@firmicutes Hi! Thank you for your notice and sorry for the long answer. ! It has been added to the bug tracker