Background color for block expands to edge of the screen on Android

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Block background if color is changed expands to the edge of the screen instead of contained within a block.

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Contained within a block similar to the image below.

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Version : 0.2.7

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature :laughing:

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@lynxlove This is a feature request. Improvement request would be an apt name. We could, hopefully, see a solution to this kind of feature or bug report confusion.

It seems that if you have multiple blocks next to each other (horizontally), the background is not shown across the whole screen.

So I think this is a feature :wink:

@Srinath there is a difference between the font color and background color on “block level” and “text level”.

Block level: if you use the ellipsis button in front of the block, the changes you make there are applied to the whole block


Notice how the background color spans the whole block

In contrast, when you are selecting a specific (piece of) text, you can apply both font color and background color to that text only:

This can also be combined. Note how the whole block has a background color while the individual “Test” texts also have their own font and background color.

It seems that “text level font colors” have priority over “block level font colors” which can be seen if I apply a green font color to all blocks on the page, while some texts already have a non-standard font color applied: only the texts that have not yet been edited to have a text level font color are changed.

I’m not sure whether that is a feature or a bug, but I would opt to either change this feature request into “requesting a name change between block level background and text level background” where I would suggest to rename the text level background to “highlight” as that better indicates its functionality IMHO.

@sambouwer I can’t change the title for this post.
Title which would be appropriate is
As a bug request
" Background color for block expands to edge of the screen on Android" as a bug request
As a feature request
“Contain background color within the block” as a feature request

I’d prefer to report this as a bug as there seems to be a discrepancy between the background behavior on Windows and Android.

Block background is aligned with start and end of blocks.

Block background spans full screen width, extending past block start and end.

I’ve updated the category and title of this topic.

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This is still the case on Anytype for Android 0.9.0: the background of a text block is still screen wide on Android while Object wide on Desktop. Could of course be by design as screen wide on Android kind of i the equivalent of Object wide on Desktop.

@eugene do you know if this is by design?

I’m not @eugene but yes, this is by design :slight_smile:

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