Automatic Bi-directional linking + Rollups

I’ll reply to this because I have a feeling my question is somewhat related to this discussion, though I’m not sure how.

TLDR: I expect backlinks to be automatically included in linked pages
If I have page A and page B, and I link page B within page A, I expect page B to contain some reference to this (that it is being linked on page A), perhaps within a Relation called “Links to here” (which would contain a list of all objects that link to that object). I could then surface that information in page B if I wanted to.

PS: by the way, the post in the comment above ( “Automatic bidirectional relations”) doesn’t seem to be accessible…



Relations that can automatically appear on both objects, to indicate relationships among people like “Sibling” or “Parent/Child” or “Partner”


:pencil2:ᅟDetail the solution you would like to get what you need.


As stated, to indicate relationships among people.


Doing the relationships manually works, but it’s time-intensive and prone to screw-ups.


I didn’t realize that bi-directional linking is not currently supported. I think this will keep me from using the app for anything more than testing.


Bi-directional linking is supported. It’ just that there isn’t a convenient way to see those links unless you think that the graph or the navigation pop up are convenient.


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Any ETA on links being bidirectional automatically and included on pages where they are setup as a relationship?


Roughly this year, hopefully 1st half.


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I would like to be able to migrate to Anytype my existing Rollups in Notion

Describe the solution you’d like
In order to do that Anytype should be able to handle the imported Rollups


A lot of inputs to this thread are describing what Notion calls rollups. I think that’s great, but they are based on what Notion calls relations (and what is common relational database verbiage, but wouild be more like a link between Sets in Anytype), so adding the feature for Notion-like relations, should come before rollups. In Anytype, the Notion-style relation implementation is basically just ability to select another Set as if you were adding any other attribute (Anytype relation). Notion does the bidirectional linking with a switch setting when the relation is being made.


Without auto two-way Relations between Sets (or Collections) , so that we could see in second database (Set) all relations that it has with first database (Set) - Sets become just a nice gallery view and nothing else.
Do it manually for every instance - it is complete madness :sweat_smile: Too much effort and attention needed.
This is not to mentioning 3 or 4 or 5 connected databases (sets).


Real case from Notion - I have a bunch of databases with Ukrainian, Icelandic, and English words + databases “Part of Speech”, “Topic”, etc. I created a nice system with spaced repetition and flashcards. The only I have to do is to add a word or phrase with a button click and fill its attributes (translations, topic). Through relations with other databases, I populate all of them quickly. It would be great to have the same feature of relation between collections /sets and populate other collections from the current collection or to create a new collection from the relation. The way it is now - I have to pre-build several collections and only then relate one to another, which is slower and less flexible.

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I want to VOTE for that Notion-like BI-DIRETIONAL RELATION, but so many things were inflated in here that I am confused!


Wow, yes, this feature is a must. I’ve been missing it for more than 1.5 years.


Can we get an updated ETA please?


We have plans to release 1st iteration of backlinks this year. So far could not predict it more precisely


Awesome! I hope it will include transclusion of blocks :pray:t3:

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I really need this type of functionality in Anytype.


This Feature request has repeatedly been answered with “backlinks incoming” but it gives the impression you’re missing out on what is actually being asked here, as two of Notions feature can be confused as Bi-directional linking. I think the meaning gets lost between the different vocabulary used between both platforms (as well as SQL databases) to represent similar features.

Notion offers both Backlinks, aka the ability to link an object within text an have a reference of this link in the object’s page, AND Bi-directional relations between databases such as Parent and Children relation. Backlinks are nice, the second feature which is the one repeatedly asked for here if i understand correctly is an absolute must and even a dealbreaker that will prevent Notion users from switching properly and importing their system with all critical mecanisms of it.

The most basic example would be Tasks and SubTasks. Right now in Anytype if i create a “Morning Routine” task, Add a Relation called “Subtasks” pointing to task objects, and create the new tasks “Eat breakfast” “Brush my teeth” “Take a shower” within this “Subtasks” property i can access to my Morning Routine tasks from within my “Morning Routine” properties task, but while looking at my “Eat breakfast” task i have no way to reflect that “Eat breakfast” is part of my “Morning Routine” without adding a second Relation of Object Type for Parent task, filling it again for the reverse relation, and keeping it up manually with future changes of “Subtask” relation… while in Notion since very recently backward Relation property (which would be translated in Anytype to Object Property) was systematic. They’ve recently significantly upgraded this feature by allowing to define specific types of “Relations” between “Objects” of a same “Database”, such as explicit Parent/Children “relations” that can be shown as toggle-able and indented database items image, or explicit dependencies (patch 2.19, December 15, 2022 – Notion 2.19, now with subtasks & dependencies).

Anytype has much to gain at trying to emulate and keep up with Notion databases capabilities, i cannot be the only one desperately looking for more privacy-friendly alternatives but being held back by just how on point Notion is on the database management capabilities it gives to its users.

Please @ignatovv , could you confirm if we’re being understood correctly, if both features, ESPECIALLY [Notion:“Bi-directional Relations between databases”/Anytype: “Bi-directional relations of type Object”] are being worked on, or if only backlinks are in progress?

Would it be possible to give a hand in any way?


I also request automatic reciprocity of relations between objects (not just wiki-style ‘backlinks’).

Use-case: let’s say I have two object types:

  • English word, and
  • German word.

Within the English word object type, I create an object entitled “horse”, and then to this I add a relation to the German word object type and populate this with the value “Pferd”.

When I click through to the “Pferd” object (of object type German word), and then add a relation to the English word object type, this should be automatically populated with the object “horse” (reciprocally reflecting the relation of “horse” to “Pferd” which I already created within “horse”). The user should not have to go to the duplicated effort of adding this relationship manually to the “Pferd” object. In other words, the behaviour should reflect that of a true relational database (and Notion, btw).

I very much hope that this is the type of use-case that the devs are working on! It is truly a ‘dealbreaker’ for me.