I’m not sure that this is a bug or a future feature, but I’ve noticed that when I right click on items on desktop that are misspelled, I can’t actually get to any autocorrecting things despite the fact that Anytype will show the red squiggly misspelling underline.

I’d really like to integrate a basic autocorrect, but I’m not sure if this is something that is an easy fix to integrate from system autocorrect or something that is more involved. Either way, doesn’t seem like its on the critical path, but a nice feature to have eventually.


This has been mentioned before in [53](Add spellcheck). In my opinion, even the red shouldn’t be there, it is simply a distraction to me. Spellcheck, including the red underline that indicates a possible incorrect spelling, should either be implemented as a plugin or an option that can be enabled/disabled by the user.


@BGray Thanks for connecting the other post :grinning: The red does disappear if you are not directly typing/manipulating the line.

@laurara Yes but it is present if I am directly manipulating the line, which is a distraction.

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We also see the spellcheck and the autocorrect feature as the plugin. System spellcheck is working well right now, so we prioritised this feature less urgent.

In the matter of time we will introduce some features based on words you write like unlinked references, translation, spellcheck and so on.

I don’t know if there is an option to disable spellcheck right now, but the experience of using anytype in another language (in my case Portuguese) is not so good, just because every single word became red squiggly when I type in Portuguese. I understand that isn’t a priority to offer anytype in another languages, but I think implement a way to disable it will help.

I’m using anytype on linux (0.18.15)

@notparallaxed can you please double-check the system spellcheck options? Cause we don’t use any additional logic in-app, so it seams OS-related

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Hi Vova, can you explain a bit more what you mean by “System spellcheck is working well right now”?

I’m probably misunderstanding your message, but enabling the user to use some spellcheck should be a requirement for a note-taking application.


@Vova Even when disabling spell check entirely in the Windows settings, the red lines keep showing up within Anytype. So I’m not sure this is intended behaviour.

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