Autocorrect does not work on Android - Gboard and Samsung Keyboard

Describe the bug
On Android, mistyping a word will not allow the software keyboard to auto-correct it to the correct word in Anytype. The same software keyboards will successfully autocorrect in other text-input fields, however.

It’s somewhat problematic, as autocorrect is essentially the only way that me, and I’m sure, many others, are able to type quickly and accurately on a onscreen keyboard. Not having autocorrect working significantly slows down the rate at which I’m able to input text into Anytype.

I’ve confirmed that this behavior occurs on Gboard and Samsung Keyboard. Curiously, some other software keyboards, such as Flesky and OpenBoard do autocorrect within Anytype, but I suspect that their implementation of autocorrect is flawed, as they correct fields that shouldn’t be corrected, such as the URL field outside of Anytype.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use one of the aforementioned software keyboards to type a phrase that should normally be autocorrected in Anytype Android. (“hellp” usually autocorrects to “hello” and “doesnt” to “doesn’t” on the vast majority of keyboards)
  2. The keyboard shouldn’t autocorrect.
  3. To test the keyboard’s autocorrect, enter another application (such as Samsung Notes or a messaging app) in where autocorrect works. Try to type the same phrase and observe if autocorrect works or not.

Expected behavior
I’d have expected the autocorrect on the software keyboards to work when editing text in Anytype Android - most other note apps do support autocorrect.

System Information:

  • OS: Android 12, One UI 4 December
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: SM-N986N
  • Anytype Version: 0.5.1

Additional Information
Here’s a few videos that demonstrate autocorrect working with Gboard on Samsung Notes. However, it doesn’t work with Anytype. The app version I’ve filmed the video with is somewhat outdated, but, I can confirm that the behaviour still occurs with the latest Anytype version - 0.5.1.


Coming soon, this one!


Thank you! I’ve closed this issue as it appears to have been fixed on Android 0.5.2.

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