Autocomplete with previously typed words, like Notepad++

I’d like to have the option to enable autocomplete, using all previously typed words, like in Notepad++.

For example, if I already typed the sentence above, typing “auto” would bring up a dropdown suggesting “autocomplete”, which I can select by doing ARROW DOWN then ENTER (or ignore and just keep typing).

The dropdown should show all words that match the typed string. The image below shows what happens in my Notepad++ when I type “exa”:

I’m guessing such a feature could greatly impact performance. Perhaps there could be mitigated by allowing the user pick how many characters are needed to trigger autocomplete. Or maybe restrict the suggested words to the current page. Not sure…

Please make that optional.
I really don’t like this feature in Notepad++ :sweat_smile:


Of course! I can see this being very annoying for someone who doesn’t want it.

It’s not optional in Notepad++? I’m pretty sure it is!

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