Audio & Video Playback - continue where you left off playback or Mark - transcription

Video/audio don’t playback where I left off at.

If the video/audio is long it makes way more sense to have it start where you left off at!
Also, when you want to consume the information from video/audio you may have the specific parts you want to mark or come back to.

This would be amazing if you could add a way for audio to be transcribed, even if it’s very basic and done on your own computer or a node. something that is open source that can be easily added.

You could also make it where you have the transcription done somewhere else and then just have the option to add it to the media.

Many times I have wanted to take notes on videos or lectures, ted talks, etc… so this would be helpful!


  1. Continue where you left off with playback
  2. timestamps for adding notes/comments
  3. transcriptions with timestamps so when you click on a word it will take you to that point of the video/audio

Here are some other sites and examples…I have many more but here are just a few!


I have found some more info that would go with this very nicely! :grin:

PowerSearch is free for Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users. The metadata search panel for Premiere Pro allows users to scour hours of footage for content so video editors can find sound bites much faster. Search all video transcripts, clips and markers in your Premiere Pro project. PowerSearch will return results like any search engine. Clicking on the search results will open up that clip or sequence and jump to the exact time something was said. With all the dialog in your video clips transcribed into text, our PowerSearch panel works like Google for your Premiere Pro project.

I second this. I’ve just started adding audiobooks to Anytype, and it’s a bit of a pain trying to remember where I stopped. :sweat_smile:


Describe the solution you’d like

If I’m halfway through listening to a long sermon with the new play widget, I’d like to be able to pick up any other device and continue listening there. I realize this may require the file to be downloaded to the new device, so in this case could you cache it forever on each device that “requests” it (by interacting with the play widget in any way)? If not forever, let me know how long it could be considered “interested” (in the IPFS sense).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Dropbox? Seriously I have no idea where the alternatives are.

Additional context

I might even like to auto-sync some or all of the audio files I upload, but I don’t want to chew up my phone’s storage, so I’d like to limit it somehow.


It would nice to have it streamed to deivces like Plex or Jellyfin because this does a good job of streaming media and it looks nice like Netflix! this is how media should work in any OS.

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