Attachment management & renaming


Make the attachment a real object.

Here my view
since images are already objects, why not make them more flexible? we can’t change their name or relations for now, that’s a big waste.
I highly recommend dev team go check two addons in Obsidian, “attachment management” and “awesome image”. their approach could be a solution to anytype.


Rename attachments when it’s been dropped into objects. then they exist in objects as a “quote” or inline quote or embedded, whatever you like to call it.
when it’s an image, renaming could be automatically done, say rename as “objects’ name + date&time”, since images are often named randomly.
when it’s other file types, renaming could be done manually or skipped.
after that, users can always rename attachments again since they are objects now
they could be listed in a set to view/add relations to achieve a better reusage.

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Hello @NeilY, this feature requires an overhaul of our working with files layer. But good news, this are already in progress, we are in sync :yum:. We really want to enrich files experience, so the 1st stage will be ability to change name and relations. This stuff will be shipped in next release :pray:


The topic is marked as “implemented”.
But the v0.37.3 doesn’t have the feature to rename pics.
The v0.37.3 is not the first release since your post.

  • Btw.:
    I suggest to add the date of each release into the release notes under “Help / what’s new”.
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